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Two heart ~ Wild soul

Two heart ~ Wild soul

Have u heard the T.R.I.C.K series? If u not yet, here is the link if u want to download the album. This album have 5 different single of them. Starting with Max single Wildsoul, then Yoochun My Girlfriend, Xiah Rainy Night, U-know Crazy Life, n the last in trick series is Hero with Maze. Every single have different main vocal. In max series he is the main vocal, Two heart not so catchy for the first time but its better than his Wild soul. But i like all the song coz i’ve heart this song a lot. I have all 5 single video at Tohoshinki Premium mini live, but i just upload it if you request to me coz this isn’t latest song.

Tohoshinki Two heart Single

1. Two Hearts
2. Wild Soul [Changmin]
3. Two Hearts [Instrumental]
4. Wild Soul [Instrumental]

download : Tohoshinki two heart single


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