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TVXQ’s fourth album has broken their sales record with 460,000 copies, taking the throne for CD sales. TVXQ’s company announced on the 4th that the fourth album “Mirotic” had broken 460,000 copies. According to information provided by SM until 11-30, online sales had reached 163,346 copies, while offline sales had reached 303,468 copies, making total sales 466,814 copies.
This year’s highest record sales by TVXQ is one that no one can catch up to, proving once again their power continued from 2006, when they took the highest CD sale records for the second time.

The 300,000 copies of their fourth album preorders were not just from Korea, but also from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and other such Asian countries, taking over CD sales charts and showing TVXQ’s power. TVXQ said, “Receiving everyone’s love after coming back with another album in 1 year and 7 months is something we’re really happy for. Right now we want to thank everyone who’s supported us.”

credits : nachan87


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