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Wow must SEE ! I like this one !



I realised that the MV hasn`t been posted as a download yet – so here it is.

Title: DBSK – Stand By U

Size: 34.41 MB

Duration: 07:32

Download: MUMF

i think it’s just mq, but it’s ok


wow after long break i think i will continue to share video n stuff about KPOP
hmm after try to find DBSK mirotic concert hq, finally in found this link.
it’s flv hq but i think it’s still hq… but i will keep update until it’s avi hq

Title: 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic
Format: FlV
Quality: HQ
Download : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13

total size = 636MB

Title: 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic -* tvxqfever (chamie0921@yt)
Format: MP4
Quality: MQ
Size: Each file: 30 – 40 MB | Whole file: 448 MB
Download: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9 Part 10Part 11Part 12 |Part 13

if anybody found hq avi pliss tell me so we can share each other

tq b4


PART 1: 001 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007008 | 009 | 010 |

PART 2:  001 002003 | 004005006 |007008009 |

PART 3:  001002 | 003004 | 005006 007 | 008 | 009 |

PART 4:  001002 | 003 004 |

PS : if u have a trouble to join all part, pliss follow this link below



DBSK – Wrong Number @ Music Core 081206
.AVI 188 MB [1024 x 576]
Download: PART 001 | 002

FULL CREDITS to nachan87.livejournal


avi • 1024×576 • 147MB



TVXQ’s fourth album has broken their sales record with 460,000 copies, taking the throne for CD sales. TVXQ’s company announced on the 4th that the fourth album “Mirotic” had broken 460,000 copies. According to information provided by SM until 11-30, online sales had reached 163,346 copies, while offline sales had reached 303,468 copies, making total sales 466,814 copies.
This year’s highest record sales by TVXQ is one that no one can catch up to, proving once again their power continued from 2006, when they took the highest CD sale records for the second time.

The 300,000 copies of their fourth album preorders were not just from Korea, but also from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and other such Asian countries, taking over CD sales charts and showing TVXQ’s power. TVXQ said, “Receiving everyone’s love after coming back with another album in 1 year and 7 months is something we’re really happy for. Right now we want to thank everyone who’s supported us.”

credits : nachan87

dbsk massage

dbsk message

below is the winners list:

Newcomer (Male)

1. [WON] SHINee – Noona is very pretty
2. UKiss – Not young
3. 2PM – 10 points out of 10 points
4. 2AM – This song
5. Mighty Mouth – I love you

Newcomer (female)

1. [WON] Davichi – Love you even though I hate you
2. Moon Ji Eun – Fox Song
3. SunAh – Chantey Chantey
4. Lee Hyun Ji – Kiss Me Kiss Me
5. Joo – Because of a man

Male group

1. Dong Bang Shin Ki – MIROTIC
2. [WON]Big Bang – Haru Haru
3. Epik High – One
4. FT Island – After love (2nd choice)
5. SG Wannabe – La La La

Female group

1. Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E
2. So Nyeo Shi Dae – Kissing you
3. SeeYa – Hot Girl
4. [WON] WonderGirls – Nobody
5. Jewelry – One more time

Male singer
1. Kim Dong Ryul – Let’s start over again
2. [WON] Seo Taiji – MOAI
3. TaeYang – Look only at me
4. Toy – Hot Goodbye
5. MC Mong – Circus

Female singer
1. Gummy – I’m sorry
2. Seo In Young – Cinderella
3. Um Jung Hwa – DISCO
4. YounHa – Telepathy
5. [WON] Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl


1. Moon Heejun – Obsession (2nd choice)
2. Seo Taeji – Moai (1st choice)
3. Jaurim – Carnival Amour
4. Transfixion – Radio
5. [WON] Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간


1. Dynamic Duo – Solo
2. Mighty Mouth – 에너지
3. [WON] Epik High – One
4. Eun Jiwon – ADIOS
5. MC Mong – 서커스

Ballad/ R&B

1. Kim Dongryul – 다시 시작해보자
2. Park Jiheon – 보고싶은 날엔
3. [WON] Brown Eyes – 가지마 가지마
4. Taeyang – 나만 바라봐
5. V.O.S – Beautiful Life


1. Dong Bang Shin Ki – MIROTIC
2. So Nyeo Shi Dae – Kissing You
3. Super Junior Happy – Cooking cooking
4. Wonder Girls – Nobody
5. [WON] Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl


1. Gummy – 미안해요
2. Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E
3. Big Bang – 하루하루
4. Uhm Junghwa – D.I.S.C.O
5. [WON] Jewelry – One More Time

MV production

1. Dynamic Duo – Solo (Han Dae Hee)
2. Um Jung Hwa – DISCO (Seo Hyung Seung)
3. Epik High – One (Hong Won Gi)
4. [WON] WonderGirls – Nobody (Jang Jae Hyuk)
5. TaeYang – Prayer (Seo Hyung Seung)

MV Director

1. Seo Hyunseung – D.I.S.C.O (Uhm Junghwa), 사랑해 (Mighty Mouth), 기도 (Taeyang)
2. Lee Sangkyu – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) (SHINee), Kissing You (So Nyeo Shi Dae), 텔레파시 (Younha)
3. [WON] Jang Jaehyuk – Nobody (Wonder Girls), Kiss (Park Jinyoung), 10점 만점에 10점 (2PM)
4. Cha Euntaek – 미워도 사랑하니까 (Davichi), 마지막 인사 (Big Bang), 보고십어 (SG Wannabe)
5. Hong Wongi – 기억을 걷는 시간 (Nell), One (Epik High), Moai (Seo Taeji)


1. [WON] Kim Dong Wook, SG Wannabe – 운명을 거슬러 (East of Eden)
2. Yoo Seung Chan – Love you (Mother is dead upset)
3. TaeYeon – If (Hong Gil Dong)
4. Tei – 꿈의 시간들 (Sik Gae)
5. FT Island – 한가지 말 (On Air)

Auction style

1. Dynamic Duo – Solo
2. [WON] Dong Bang Shin Ki – MIROTIC
3. Big Bang – Haru Haru
4. SHINee – Noona is very pretty
5. Seo In Young – Cinderella
6. So Nyeo Shi Dae – Kissing You
7. Um Jung Hwa – DISCO
8. WonderGirls – Nobody
9. Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl
10. Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간

Digital Song Award/ [WON] – Big Bang
Overseas Viewer Award [WON] – Dong Bang Shin Ki
Auction netizen award/ [WON] – Dong Bang Shin Ki
Mobile popularity award [WON] – Dong Bang Shin Ki


Song of the Year: Wonder Girls (Nobody)
Album of the year: Dong Bang Shin Ki (Mirotic)
Artist of the year: Big Bang

woa nice mv but i still waiting for hq. first i try download mq mv from aipop but it doesn’t work for me. it say codec is missing, but i try to find until i find another mq mv. The mv is really nice n fell so manly. Hero is take rap part, n somehow i fell it doesn’t good to hear but it nice to see something new from them. U must have to see it by your self!

This is their first performance @ music Core [081115]

Download Mediafire MQ avi/wmv or HQ MPEG [Sharingyoochun]

DBSG will be making their comeback on SBS Inkigayo, on the 28th. Today, DBSG visited the studio at 10 in the morning, and had three pre-recordings. Despite the severe flu, all the members had; they were able to perform very powerful performances very well.

Right after the recording, Jaejoong told the journalists that, “I was very nervous since it was our first performance, but I’m glad we finished it well! Plus, all the members have the flu, so our conditions were not the best, but I’m glad things went smooth!”

Due to living together, Jaejoong had spread his flu to all the the other members.

He admitted, “Honestly, I was the one who spread the flu. I’m extremely sorry towards the members, we really wanted to show a perfect performance, but I’m quite regretful, since we couldn’t.”

He also added, “Thankfully, we finished the recording, without any big mistakes. We had IVs, and took all our medicine, but I guess the flu must be really severe. We hope to get better quickly, and perform well.”

Especially, “We came to Korea after such a long time, and hearing the fans was very touching. Next time, I hope people say we did our best with passion, instead of how we did our best with a cold.”

Credits: Sompi/Forum