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Written n composed by Micky Yoochun, It’s gonna be the Autumn weather theme song. I haven’t hear the preview yet, but i always like yoochun’s song. The preview including interview, it’s MQ but u can watch it first while wait the HQ.

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download Tohoshinki New Single Preview

Credits: AIPOP

Runaway ~ My Girlfriend

Runaway ~ My Girlfriend

This is Micky Yoochun Single Runaway. Runaway have Yoochun as main vocal, i don’t really like it but i was not so bad. The First time i heard My Girlfriend i knew this will be one of favorite song. I just sooo like Yooochunnn voice. I suggest u to download this song. This link belong to

Tohoshinki Runaway Single

1. Runaway
2. My Girlfriend [Yoochun]
3. Runaway [Instrumental]
4. My Girlfriend [Instrumental]

download : Tohoshinki runaway single

Who is the most handsome??????????? That what i wanna know from u. I think All the five member is cool but since their first debut i always change my mind about who is the most handsome. Please comment this post to tell me your oppinion, please let me know if there is news or info about them.